Sunday, 9 October 2011

Fred Farrugia Makeup: Sephora Champs Elysee Discovery

I couldn't wait to post about my Fred Farrugia makeup collection. My trip to France culminated to what could only be considered a homage to the Parisian makeup temple, Sephora on the Champs Elysees. It was a beautiful experience and the crowd was French Chic.

I am sorry about the pictures I am going to post but as you can see, the modules are well loved and used. I am a Francophile at heart and love the ease of this line.

The range created by makeup maestro, Fred Farrugia, the brains behind the infamous Lancome Juicy tubes. The concept is based on portability, pantone colour modules ( co-designed by Ora Ito). I have in my collection a fair few bits that I would love to share. Each component is called a module which can consist of solo items or in pairs.

Eye shadow modules: shimmer shadow modules top 1-4, 2 smokey eye modules (5-6) and  matte shadows (7-8)

Lip modules: semi-matte lipstick and matte lip powder 01, 04,05,06

Eye kit ( for brows and liner) , cake mascara module and a compartment for the mini  applicators

all the units stacked up by magnets :)

Blush module: left to right- 3 powder blusher module, 3 transparent creme blushers, 2 illuminating powder, 1 bronzer and the last is a Brown blusher for contouring

I wanted to show how the modules look and how clever the design is. It is truly portable as the modules can be snapped out and you can assemble your look for the day with ease. I do not have the foundation, concealer and powder modules as I only use  Invisible Zinc SPF30 moisturiser mixed with Dr Hauschka Bronze concentrate as my base. 

I discovered that I could shop online for these on Sephora France and the shipping is very speedy. I hope to show how the colors translate on skin and do a full face with these sometime soon. All products seen here I bought myself owing to my love for the design, portability and the quality of the makeup. Not to mention, they are very pigmented and a little goes along way. 

With the smokey eye module, I can create a truly romantic smokey eye Parisian style in under 2 minutes with finger application. Fred Farrugia recommends application with fingers for ease, but the applicators are very handy for applying blusher, shadow and the traditional cake mascara with the brush. 

Drawbacks: There is no Fred Farrugia in the UK, shipping from France can be expensive and it is a pain to buy makeup when you cannot test it in person. Having said all that, since I enjoy using them and have travelled with the modules, I cannot be without it as it has become my briefcase staple. 

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