Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hair, Glorious Hair ..

One of the many things that keeps me on my toes, is my hair. When I was growing up, I had thick, waist long  black hair that was my mother's pride. She used take so much time oiling, combing and plaiting them that as kid, it used to drive me insane. Every Sunday, she used to beat up 2 egg whites with virgin coconut oil, and painstakingly apply the mixture through my locks. At the age of 16, I had the bright idea of chopping of my hair ( teenage rebellion I suppose) and it was never the same ever since. Big regret here.

I have tried so many remedies, oiling, shampoos and leave in treatment to keep my hair in an acceptable state. At the age of 19, i decided that to go for a crop and cut it all off to just about an inch of its life.

Toady, my hair is jet black, virgin, untouched by stylers, blow dryers or any chemical of any sort. It is thick, jet black, wavy and manageable. I owe it all to my trip to South India where the women rely on basic herbs that nourish the roots, prevent dandruff and encourage thick voluminous growth. I have to say, even the poor folk use these simple remedies to keep their glorious manes in check even when money is tight.

Coconut oil as pre-wash treatment left in for 30 minutes to over night results in thick, lush hair growth minus the frizzies. To encourage a healthy scaly and strong long strands, they use a mix of amla ( indian gooseberry) powder mixed with either coconut milk or eggs ( if they can spare the cash ) as a pre-wash treatment mask.

For us ladies who can afford to spend money, there a pre-made herbal treatments that can be purchased easily online. In India. these  pre-mix treatments are rife and Indian women take immense pride and invest effort in the maintenance of their crowing glory.

For us in the UK, I have discovered a simpler method using just basic ingredients. For me- I Like mixing 3 teaspoons of Amla Powder, 2 teaspoons of Bio-Muskroot ( by an Indian company called Biotique) and 2 teaspoons of Dr Alkaitis Organic Nourishing treatment Oil. Add enough warm water to make the mix into a runny paste and apply to scalp first ( massaging all along) and rub the remainder into the hair. I leave it for at least 30mins to  acouple of hours. Wash off with shampoo, I like C Tonics or Madara Nourishing and Conditioning shampoo. Leave to dry and style with very little product.

The aim of this treatment is to encourage hair growth and maintain healthy nourished scalp, I love it as it cools my head and encourages a very relaxed mind. Try it..

You can get some of the ingredients from here:

Amla powder ( Akamuti is a wonderful place for all things organic and enviromentally friendly, and most importantly FAIRTRADE)-
Bio-muskroot- ( I bought the Bio-musk root on my last trip to India) read WiseShe's review on the mask here:
Dr Alkaitis Nourishing oil-

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