Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hakansson- The Swedish Makeup to Love

Discovered the Hakansson skin range roughly 4 years ago. All things Scandinavian fascinate me, especially their skincare which is geared to creating clean, healthy and nourished skin. The Scandinavian makeup ethos follow the same clean lines and finish concept.

Enter Katarina Hakansson and her eponymous capsule range, Hakansson. 3 words to describe her collection, Beautiful, Beautiful and Beautiful! It is not a range you would go for if you are after high fashion, Editorial looks ( although you could create Clean, Crisp, Clear skin look with expert application of her makeup). Katarina has made up the faces of Heidi Klum, George Clooney, Josie Maran, Oluchi to name a few. She is famous for creating THE BEAUTIFUL SKIN look! 

The Makeup range consists of 5 credit card size  palette with 2 wells of cream textured makeup called  The Colors:
1+2 ( pale yellow and ivory yellow) , 3+4 ( the yellow and bronze), 7+8 ( the pinky/yellow rose and peachy /orange), 5+6( peach beige and blood rose red), 9+10 ( ivory and lilac). First 2 palette contain 2 cream products to custom blend your ideal cover/concealer. The rest are enhancers to add in dimension, shape, blush and highlight. The colors are multi use on eyes, lips and face. The capsule range comes with a lip balm/gloss to prep the lips, 1 true black mascara and The powder, a yellow based powder to set the Colors. I love the concept and the capsule range is my true desert island product. I have them all as they are rich in pigment, mixable and apply true on skin. The makeup truly moves with the skin!

The skincare range is again capsule consisting of the The Cleanser ( a micellar solution to remove her makeup ), The Soap ( a low foaming cleaner for face and body), The Moisturiser ( a simple Shea and Olive oil based moisturiser- safe on eyes too ) and The Oil ( amazing for sheeny skin and highlighting the face). There are face sprays to act as carriers for the moisturiser and setting of makeup made up 8 individual combinations of fruits and herbs. 

The drawbacks of the range, there's a few: it is expensive + expensive and plus some, you have to buy the concept of your skin does not  require so much makeup to look good, you can only buy this range in Sweden, her eye shadows are lovely but are on the expensive side(  they are enriched with apricot oil for that creamy look)!! Her skincare lacks Sun protection factor so you will need to invest in a Sunblock/SPF with enough emollient to let the Colors to blend on the skin. 

Having said all the bad, the good or even great is that I get clean smooth skin with this makeup concept of minimal cover and slight enhancing. The emphasis is good to great skin which bounces of light because it is plump, juicy and healthy! The lip balm is a secret treasure as it actually enhances the color of the lips by deepening the shade. Not sure how as it isn't marketed to do so. 

Here are the links for more info on Hakansson and Katarina herself. 

You can buy the range here as they ship internationally:

I'd love to meet her in person, have her do my skin as she is truly one exceptional makeup Artist! 
The makeup for the professional in me is this capsule Range, I get complimented on my skin and how I glow ( even with just 3 hours sleep).  

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