Sunday, 9 October 2011

Pixi Beauty: Succulent Lip twin Swatch and Review

I do appreciate multi -tasking products that work as advertised. The idea of multi tasking is that it should do the each individual  job that it is supposed to do well. I saw Lisa Eldridge use the succulent lip twin for her summer brights video in the shade poppy red. Not all multi-takers live up to the hype but it does look good on application.

The Succulent lip twins appear to perform well on colour deposition but not in longevity. If you have oily skin, this needs touching up or at least follow up with powder blusher. There is 2 components to the twins, a tinted pigmented balm on one end and an equally pigmented gloss/balm on the other. The tint does work well on the cheeks as it does add a sheer hint of colour which can be built up. On the lips, it can feel a bit dry to powdery ( strange) on its own. That why the follow up balm/gloss is needed to make it all smooth and even. The traditional finger application gives the best finish as you can work the tint into skin.

On the cheeks alone, this can last up to 4-5 hours without touch up, on the lips 1-2 hours. It does leave a lovely stain finish towards end of wear especially the brighter shades ( coral camellia, pink peony and poppy red). No pooling into pores or milia formation on the cheeks after 3 days of continuous use. The other 2 shades , Opal Orchid and Nude Lily can hardly be detected on my tanned MAC NC42/Bobbi Brown Honey  skin, but those who have fair to medium skin color can pull of the nude lip and cheek look with ease with these babies.

I am more inclined to use these guys for autumn winter as base colors for my makeup and on their own for summer or if I am travelling somewhere hot. The colours do make the cheeks glow without the oily feeling or look. The gloss can taste odd but it does the job at moist looking lips.

They retail at £12 each on I bought mine at ASOS as they seem to have better shipping and packaging policy.

on my lips: Pink peony tint with the gloss

Left to right: Opal Orchid, Nude lily, Coral camellia, Pink Peony and Poppy Red
Opal Orchid-is an amethyst/pinky beige, Nude Lily-Caramel light Beige, Coral Camellia- bright peachy orange, Pink peony- Bluish bright pink and Poppy red- more orange red with no brown/brick ( very brightening and works on most skin tones I imagine)

The Succulent twins will go in my circulation of products on days where I need quick color boost. Pixi does carry some interesting things, I do like their lip and cheek products more than their foundation makeup. But then,I am a  lip and cheek girl on most days. 

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