Saturday, 8 October 2011

Vapour Beauty Review: Aura Multiuse Blush-Courtesan

I really like the Vapour Organic beauty line. I discovered the Brand (Vapour Organic Beauty) 3-4 years ago and have liked some of their products.I keep coming back to their blushers. All the blushers in this line are in between stain to creamy texture  but dries down to a hydrated silicone-y finish to them.I like that silicone smoothing feel as I have imperfect cheeks. 

They feel nice on the skin and does a good job at depositing color on my Golden/tanned complexion. Most blushers don't show up true on my skin . The pigments are lovely and look fresh through out wear without looking tired. It does triple duty on eye lips and cheeks. I am yet to use Courtesan on the eyes as my skin there does get oily. 

I like this blusher colour for minimal makeup days when I just want to moisturise, apply some blusher and lip tint and then go! I would describe it as a pink/mauve/rose with more raspberry in it than brown. I find any blushers with brown in it dulls my complexion, anything with peach or pink gets a thumbs up

Aura Multi-use in Courtesan- swatched heavily ( Right) blended (left)
On my lips it translates more baby pink as I have quite pigmented lips:

Looks more baby pink here, no balm or gloss 
Overall, nice color to have on days I am in a rush. The color lasts about 1-2 hours on un-powdered cheeks. I don't mind re-applying if I have nothing better to. But for work, I'd consider using this with their primer underneath to give it some staying power. On the lips I find it hydrating without that artificial lip colour look.

My biggest approval comes from the fact that the range is friendly to the environment, the company has Ethos and readily admit that their products may not work for everybody. Intelligent concept and honest!

In the UK- the Vapour Beauty range can be found at

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