Sunday, 26 February 2012

Creative outlet: Mood board Collage making

I am recently discovering the art of collage making online. It is not as easy as it looks, but here's one I made. It was just fun to have a play around. I didn't win any competition of course, but I did go on to buy the DVF (Diane Von Fursternberg) dress featured in my work. It was an unforeseen hazard, the more I worked with the images, the more I  want that dress. I believe this is what is called reinforcement!

Heatwave Winter by tantuluv
Collage submitted for the competition :)

Valentine Love story added by tantuluv
Collage made for Valentine's day - The DVF dress was my inspiration 

The images were taken from and and also from flickr.
I think i need to read more into this as I would like learn how to superimpose images on a background merging the two. In theory I knew I wanted to do, but my oh my it was testing to get it executed. I have new found respect for image manipulation skills and digital media experts as of then. 

I downloaded programes like Shape Collage and paint net but i dont think they are right ones for me. I think Adobe photoshop might be better. If anyone has any advice, I am keen to listen..It was so much fun..made a dent in the serious goings on elsewhere.. great distraction


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