Monday, 27 February 2012

Hakansson skin- the Colours and skincare

the products are well loved by moi' 
hakansson skin  product pic

top row (L to R):
the moisturiser, the soap, the oil, the cleanser, the scent
middle ( L to R) - colour enhancer shade 5+6, colour enhancer 7+8 concealing/correct 1+2,9+10 and concealing 3+4
centre- Hakansson lip balm, The powder and 100% pure coffee bean eye cream

I have done a video to demo how the colours translate on skin. i hope to upload it soon, it is 14 mins long :(
i tried to keep it short but i do love this range,  it is just so minimal chic and i got carried away.

all the colours are multi functional, can be applied to eyes, lips or cheeks and even used as colour correctors ( 7+8) and (9+10). 

The moisturiser is definitely a star product in its own right, offers a clean texture to the skin, adds lift and radiance without suffocating. It definitely was created as a base for the colours to go on and meld into the skin. I have nothing but good things to say about the range. 


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