Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lucky number 7: 7 must have makeup items in my bag

The number 7 is a mysterious number.Seems to be the lynch pin figure used for inspiration, tips and key facts for most things. '7 habits of highly effective people', memory retention is 7+/- 2 for digit span ( that's why telephone number constitute 7 digit), 7 days of the week, 7 dwarfs!!

I bet  I could whittle down my makeup items down to 7 if I am really pushed. If I do not include skincare then these are my basics:

1. tinted moisturiser with SPF 
2. concealer ( double up as eye and lip base)
3. liquid eye liner/kohl kajal ( black)
4. mascara (black)
5. blusher/bronzer ( preferably creme, double up as lip and cheek)
6. lip stain ( again doubles up for lip and cheek)
7. Balm gloss ( hydration plus colour)

Now for skincare:

1. Bioderma cleanser ( takes everything off in a cinch)
2. Face wash ( I favour the Simple cleanser- its non drying and takes off what the Bioderma leaves)
3. Rose hip oil ( doubles up as serum and moisturiser- used underneath sunscreen as it can be drying)
4. SPF 30 sunscreen
5. Moisturiser- Oilatum FAce cream does well to as day and night cream, perfect for base makeup
6. Eye cream- 100% Pure Coffee bean eye cream
7. Glycolic acid - I am alternating between Alpha-H Liquid Gold or First Aid Beauty Exfoliating pads. 

Again, there are variations but it seems the less I use the better I feel. Every now and again, I walk out make up free and it feels liberating. It feels good to reacquaint myself with how I look minus adulteration. Somehow, makeup just makes me look a whole lot better , and adds the 'feel good factor'.  

The key is to have multi tasking products. Saves money and time and you know how to work it. After all, makeup is about creativity, getting creative with a blusher can make or break that after work date :) A tip: always keep a Fuschia blusher in your hand bag- I love the Clarins Multi use Fuschia creme blusher- it does the job nicely.  


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