Saturday, 10 March 2012

Burberry Beauty: Warm Glow 01 Natural Bronzer

There is such a thing as Burberry face,and  it should be sisters with the 'no makeup-makeup' face.

The shading visible under cheekbone slightly

Experimenting with Burberry makeup was fun because it was hard to make mistakes. The colors and textures meld with each other and the finished effect is clean and seamless. Again, a Heathrow splurge with a very nice Makeup assistant who doesn't say much, but is very persuasive. 

Facial symmetry theory fascinates me to no end, shading and contouring is worth its weight in gold in the cosmetics world. I like subtle definition,  what I have done here mainly is perimeter ( along the hairline is a good guide) shading.. I took a big fat  powder brush ( Ecotool Powder Brush is the perfect size), swiped the Warm Glow 01 Bronzer, and deposited most of the color on the outside of the face and on the neck. What ever was left on the Brush went over the rest of the face ( eyes, cheeks, nose etc). 

The Burberry Bronzer in 01 is not muddy or orange, just a muted golden tan enough to tint without causing tan drama. I am for all intensive purposes dark skinned so- bronzers can look very dirty on me. The formula is meant to be emollient and protective of the skin ( Like the effect of wearing a trench coat). On my skin, it gives a smooth and polished finish, and feel  some slight tightening as well. I can skip the tightening effect as I don't need it, but the buttery finish is delicate. 

You can just about see very subtle shading on the skin. I also had on a light application of Burberry Blusher Light Glow Rose Blush ( a solid peach pink) 03 horizontally on the cheeks. Good payoff so need a light hand. 

My other purchases were:  Burberry Eye definer in Midnight Ash ( warm toned green with brown/gold hint eye pencil) perfect for subtle shading complementing my eye colour and brows+ Sheer eye shadow in Khaki 08 ( smokey eye shade). I believe the Midnight Ash shade is a best seller, it is a dark eyed girls best friend. 

I am sure there are other products that give the same effect minus the hefty price tag. It is worth a visit to the counter if you are in London ( Harrods) or in Heathrow International T3 Duty Free. 

All I need now is my Burberry  Trench and I am done.. 


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