Thursday, 1 March 2012

Ellis Faas Glaze lips L304 and Le Maquillage Pro palette

Hello morning face: Peach monochrome meets orange crush lips

Le maquillage eye/lip/cheek pro palette and Ellis Faas Glaze Lips L304
Morning face- on the lips Madara lip gloss Moonstone

Ellis Faas L304- yummy

I like this- nothing oevr powering for work- although looking a little pale :)

close up on the peach eyex- love Tromborg's Peachpuff- lasts all day!

Looking pensive - hair do- ala Diane Kruger messy low bun!
 I  favor simplicity over complicated looks any given day, especially when I negotiated extra 5 with the snooze button this am.

I would have like to show you why darker skins need a little more pigment than the rest to avoid looking washed out, courtesy of the white cast from a strong SPF, but I have pre-empted this by applying Nars TM Cuba which is 2 shades deeper than my skin tone. I am BB Honey for reference.I could have done somthing complex ala Pixiwoo or Lisa Eldridge but time is pressing, I should have gone with a deeper pigment peach, but it is work- so conservative was the way forward!

I cannot impress the importance of using a SPF of  20 or higher ( broad spectrum with a physical block) if you are using exfoliants ( retinol or glycolic acid).
I am slowly resurfacing my skin (cheek area) with FAB daily radiance pads and Rose hip oil to improve the texture of old acne scarring.

Today’s face is :

Moisturiser- 3 drops of Rose hip oil (face and neck) + Invisible Zinc SPF 30 ESP ( love this product) +
                  100% pure Coffee bean eye cream ( staple)

Skin tint- Nars Radiant tinted Moisturiser SPF 30  in CUBA

Cheeks РI worked on the cheek colour first today, Maq Pro Le Maquillage Lip/cheek/eye pallet РPosey peach shade 151 on the apples ( buffed In with real techniques contour brush) and topped with Tromborg eye/lip/cheek powder cr̬me in peach puff ( for slight glisten)

Eyes- Tromborg peach puff on the lids, lined with YSL False lash effect liner , finished with Mascara Rimmel Lash accelerator

Brows- Korres Brow pencil in shade 2, sealed with Talika Lipocils brow serum

Lips- outlined with Korres Brow pencil shade 2 ( think this as an alternative to MAC L/Liner in Stone,  just better for golden skin tones). In the morning, I had used peach posey as base from the le maquillage palette, topped with madara lip-gloss/balm in moonstone, and in the afternoon- Ellis Faas lip gloss In L304 on its own ( not so peachy but more Orange crush). stocks Le Maquillage products.

Tromborg is lovely is so Scandinavian chic- or www.eleven/se/en. Both sites deliver to the UK with reasonable speed, rates and good manners!!!

I will do a dedicated review for Ellis Faas ( another day- just mainly for the lip products
 ( the glosses and the milky lips are gorgeous- they have good mail order manners and can surprise you with free makeup goodies too).  I don’t favour the eye pens ( the delivery system is rubbish and unreliable- I do not wish to waste any more money on them until they sort out the rubbish pens!!!! The product itself is quite stellar, but seriously let down by nonsensical packaging- this is definitely all style and no substance!!)


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