Sunday, 11 March 2012

Face calligraphy made easy: Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen

Not too long ago, when I was giving Indian Dance recitals ( Natya), I used to draw designs with  black ink (Indian ink) liner on my face just to add some artistic definition to the eyes. I usually adopted the Persian or Arabic swirls along the brows and onto the temples to elongate the eyes creating a butterfly effect.

I still do this on occasions when I don't mind the looks I am going to get from people. Recent wedding in the family was where I again got eyeliner happy and drew Rajasthan tribal pattern for eye liner. It was a bit of fun, face calligraphy is a statement look though. I will show the finished result and the Saree I wore once I get my hands on the photo album.

Face-Lace by Phyllis Cohen celebrates that mysterious statement by creating easy to use pieces of facial calligraphy patterns with adhesives to create that Face veil of silk lace look. The patterns look beautiful and seductive.

This is mehendi ( henna pattern )
Mehndi Designs For Face-1
Image courtesy of

This is Phyllis Cohen's face lace:

Face-Lace Eyelaces Fleurty
a twist to the face veil- image courtesy of
I cannot wait to try them out, just thinking about  the ease of wearing it and becoming mysterious is beguiling me. I love calligraphy, it is a soothing experience between you, a brush, ink and rice paper. Face calligraphy is a different matter, it is a barrier between you, the 'other' you and the world.

The Pixiwoo's ( Sam Chapman) posted on Youtube about Face Lace today: click here 

Face lace  is the brain child of Phyllis Cohen, artist extraordinary known for her intensive body art and her use of  the human body as her canvas. Why not, ancient Chinese used body tattoo's to mark meridians and acupressure points for acupuncture. Have you seen The Pillow book ?

Maybe one day Phyllis will kindly agree to draw on me :) for now, I'll settle for her face lace designs.. not available in any of the stores yet.. her online shop is now live and the laces will be on sale from March the 31st. I cannot wait..


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