Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hello Morning face: 3 minute mood booster

Todays' face was achieved in under 3 minutes flat thanks to a pressing appointment with my Solicitor and extra snooze time. I title this look Hello morning face: 3 minute mood booster.

I will include a product review comparing the Givenchy Hydra sparkling Magic lip and cheek balm in Rosy Glow with the Anna Sui Rouge Jar Rouge Godet in 001 in my next post to give you an idea what to expect in products of this ilk.

Skin prep: Dry face brushing for 30 secs before jumping into the shower. I used the Soap and Glory Face mini mitts to get the skin plumped. I am a devotee of gentle face brushing ( my own technique) because it stimulates the lymphatic drainage, boosts blood circulation and when done properly it gives a post facial glow.

Moisturiser- Usual RHO ( 3 drops) and eye cream

TM: Nars Radiant TM in St Moritz all over with Annapurna buffed in on the planes of the face. St Moritz around the eyes for concealing. I did away with a separate SPF 30 as the TM offers decent sun protection for me

Cheeks and lips: Anna Sui Rouge Godet mood gloss on the cheeks and the lips.

Eyes: Blue Heaven black kajal in the water line top and bottom finishes with Rimmel Mascara. The kajal can travel a little into a smudgy sooty look, if you don't like this, i recommend setting with black eye shadow or Loose powder.I favour the lived in eyes anytime.

here's the look below after 2 hours :

I have to learn to smile in photos! 

I look so serious here , it was after a serious meeting, but still I could have smiled :(
The balm on the cheeks took on a sheen with some reddy pink cast to it owing to the Annapurna TM underneath. Something to bear in mind with mood balms, it interacts with skin ph and the base product used ( because it has colour pigments, in this case the yellow from the turmeric in Nars's Radiant TM).

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