Friday, 2 March 2012

Hello Morning Face: Rosy Flush,Nars Radiant Tinted Moisturiser , Ellis Faas lip glaze L307,

Hello Morning face: Rose flush
Ellis Faas Lip Glaze L307
After work- looking fresh 

Shiseido The Makeup accentuating colour stick S5 Rosy Flush

From left: Nars TM Cuba, Annapurna, St Moritz

I am liking the Nars Pure radiant TM the more I use it. The shades are forgiving and I believe that those who struggle with the infinite pink/ashiness with most foundations will find that these are very flattering if not plain gorgeous. I checked under 10X magnification mirror: no pooling, fine texture and  imperceptible.

The Ellis Faas lip glaze in L307 is a posey pink stain gloss with good payoff if you have deep lips like mine, I applied  Beaute Cosmetics lip gel stain in fluoron first for longevity. Actually, the gloss itself is very staining and moisturising thanks to goodies like omega 3 and vit E. The pen has not failed me so far but it is something I am keeping an eye on.

So today's face:  Rose Flush

Moisturiser: Trilogy Rose hip oil, 100% pure coffee bean eye cream.

Base: I applied with fingers a layer of Nars Pure TM in St Morit all over ( peachy nude) and then let it set for a few mins. Then, I buffed a light layer of Annapurna ( with Real techniques buffing brush) to give a little dimension to the skin ( it is a touch deeper than St Moritz, but not as dark/ochre of Cuba). I used the St Moritz around the eyes as well, and it works well for light concealing. I find the coverage adequate, lifts the skin and the SPF 30 is just what I am after!

eyes: just a slick of Rimmel Lash accelerator in Black pulled side ways for a kittenish eyes.

Cheeks- I buffed in Shiseido stick in S5 ( my old favourite, cannot beat the freshness you get with this fuchsia/plum colour) with my Real techniques contour brush. I also took a little over the temples, bridge of the nose, throat.

Lips: Beaute cosmetics lip gel stain in Fluoron, topped with Ellis Faas Lip glaze in L307.

Perfume: Calvin Klein CK Beauty( it is a Friday scent for me)

It wore nicely through out the day and no oil break outs, I looked as fresh as I began this morning. I am feeling drained, today was a 'much a do about nothing day'. 

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