Saturday, 3 March 2012

The importance of being Face Brushed (ing)..

A play on titles courtesy of 'The importance of being Earnest'..

We tooth brush, we body brush, we hair brush but little is said about face brushing. Growing up with traditional Indian skin care routines such as weekly oil baths ( which is a luxurious ritual) involving deep tissue massages from head to toe, I learnt that to keep the skin glowing you need to get to what lies beneath the skin.

I do not believe in harsh scrubbing of the skin, in fact I will go so far as to say grainy scrubs are abrasive and scores the skin. I had the surface of skin looked under a microscope a few years ago after using a face scrub and it shocked me to no end. My Dermatologist colleague showed me why OTC scrubs are not beneficial and could be harmful to the overall skin due to skin stripping and injury. If you have to exfoliate, use enzyme based products ( papain or bromelain) or good glycolic acid based products from reputable skinceutical brands. Over cleansing with mechanical brushes is not my favoured way of cleansing. Be gentle with your skin and it will be gentle in kind to you.

Face brushing should be done gently, brisk and with a soft brush. I favour dry to wet brushing any day. I discovered Soap and Glory Face mitts and soon found that it is perfect for my needs. The rubberised surface is perfectly gentle and with light pressure does the work nicely.

Face brushing can be done daily ( 30 secs) or weekly. I prefer every week as I do not like to over stimulate the skin. I start from the forehead and work from centre outwards all the way down to my chest and then back up in quick procession. I also follow the lymphatic drainage of the head and neck to finish off the process. I got 2 mitts so I can massage both sides of the face in one go ( time is precious no?)

The result speaks for itself, a lovely glow inherent to your skin.

Check out Holly Arabella's review on the mitts:

Try it for yourself..


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