Monday, 19 March 2012

Jade Face Roller- Eastern Skin secret

I have never strayed far from ancient skincare routines, especially when it is imprinted in my memory from childhood. I remember watching ‘The Last Emperor of China’ and there was this scene where the Empress was in her dressing chamber. So opulent, beautiful and ornate that even the skincare routine was pure luxury. There she was sitting, in front of her mirror, with her jet black hair let down, skin porcelain and taut, with her Chief Eunuch whispering state secrets into her ear, she held in her hands a  wide Jade face roller and proceeded to roll her face.

So beautiful and captivating was this scene, the shiny smooth surface of the jade touching her skin, leaving the surface polished, tight and radiant. I wondered if the roller had any products (like solidified aloe vera gel) on it but it was largely held  belief that Jade purged the skin of impurities thus rendering the skin ‘pure’ with ‘crystaline’ look and silky feel.

And so, when I was old enough to know what that ritual meant to me, I hunted down my own Jade-face roller. I wanted an antique roller, but my father's trip to Beijing was not fruitful. For now, I make do with the next best alternative. Yuroll –Jade face rollers. My first buy was a dual –ended roller which was ornate and lasted well until I broke it. Very sad day.. I bought it from HqHair ( innovative site-always had something or rather of interest).

Then- I finally caved in and went  to Cult Beauty (great shopping experience and they have good customer service manners) where they stocked Ying Yu rollers. I am still not 100% if both companies (Yuroll and Ying Yu) are one of the same. The  Dual ended rollers didn’t feel as sturdy as the original purchase I made. However, I bought individual rollers ( medium for face and small for eyes/temples) and they seems to be made of tougher stuff. The jade stone is not premium quality jade, it is a semi precious variety which is hardy but equally cooling. But the sensation of rolling the cool stone on the face following the lymphatic drainage is fantastic.

Ying Yu Rollers Jade Facial Roller (double)
Dual ended Ying Yu roller- Image courtesy of Cult beauty

Ying Yu Rollers Jade Facial Roller (small)
Lymphatic drainage for the face and neck

Ying Yu Rollers Jade Facial Roller (small)
Small roller for the eyes -my favorite

A word of warning, if you are not accustomed to facial massage or having the lymphatics stimulated in the face, you will likely experience breakouts due to purging of the skin. Also those who retain fluid in their face ( puffiness, facial bloating) rolling can help rid of the excess fluid within the tissues. Some have complained of tenderness and pain around the facial area, go slow and be kind to your skin.

In the beginning or when I haven’t used the roller for  awhile, I  experienced breakouts along the jaw line or along the lymphathic chain in the face and neck where I have rolled stagnation away. These puppies are great for flight when you have spent 13 hours cooped up with little to no movement.  I pack them in my handbag and I can roll away before touch down.

I have gifted a set to my mother and it came in handy when she was in hospital. A simple tool to make her feel and look her best and this was just the ticket. So gentle and effective, her eye puffiness was reduced to nothing.

I have nothing but good things to say, I just wish my original Dual -ended roller was resurrected. Anyway, I own a medium and 2 small rollers now, and they work just fine.

This is my Eastern secret to make me feel like an Empress..

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