Saturday, 10 March 2012

L'oreal Men Expert works for girls too..

This item sits in my secret stash of skincare made for  guys that works on me too!! Oh yes, I have a drawer of these little secrets :)

I discovered the Turbo Booster  about a year ago, and it came in pretty handy when I had no skincare items on me. Wake up, wash face, a swipe of this on  and the zing woke me up like no tomorrow! Instant fresh face and wide awake look in a bottle. Works amazingly well as a makeup primer too, but just on its own is where it comes up trumps!

L'oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Turbo Booster :

Orange juice mixed with coffee ?

Oh yes, there are some skincare items for men that I have discovered that works a treat on my skin too.. this one is no exception.

The thing with L'oreal is that I am never quite sure what their animal testing policy is? Do they or don't they?

Men skincare is developing so fast and the technology + ingredients that go into them is snowballing.Why shouldn't guys deserve the best? I have done my research and have experimented with a few items that have made the cut. I'll write about some of them in the future.

Every product tells a story, how it comes under one's radar is another.. but what should be out there is that the Turbo Booster should be in a girls stash of products that do the job!

The marketing psychology for men skincare is interesting. You never hear words like 'youth in a bottle' or 'turning back time' with any of the products. In fact Men's skincare celebrates men and make them feel proud of their skin. The PR is always about making them feel better in their own skin,  dignified and not make them wish they looked liked someone else.

There you have, one item to consider raiding the boy's toiletry bag for :) why, because you're worth it!!!


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