Tuesday, 27 March 2012

mais oui Bourjois, I am your biggest fan!

Indeed Bourjois is the under dog of makeup elsewhere but in France. But even in France, it faces tough competition with her umbrella brand, Chanel. Indeed Bourjois, you are Cinderella and you will go to the ball.

Bourjois Paris, the atelier of makeup that is tres chic and so uber fashionable with its signature scented little round pot eye shadows and blushers. In fact, Bourjois does what most makeup brands aspire too, have heritage, longevity, buck trends and dish out French Glamour all over the world, and still remain true to its ideal, women who want to be girls and girls who want to be women!

I have lots of Bourjois makeup trinkets scattered in my collection. In fact, I rely on Bourjois for mood creating makeup when I am feeling girlish. I love the scent, the true to colour pots ( saves fumbling for labels), the gorgeous foundations, colour(full) eye liners and heavy duty mascaras.

Bourjois makeup counter is a candy store enough to induce a diabetic coma just by looking. Now imagine what it could do to a makeup junkie, that dragon is awaiting ( FYI: I do not advocate recreational drugs, a MU Junkie fix can begotten from a vivid blue eyeshadow, or so I have been told).

Now, what prompted this post, the Bourjois makeup website, a healthy mine of makeup ideas and experimentation. In fact, I would love to be invited to the Bourjois 'Think Tank' as I am sure they have so much fun dreaming up names and formulas for the next new kid on their ever trendy makeup collections. Incidentally, I note that Bourjois have not bothered with the Pantone ( colour of the season decree) in the latest line up.

The Paris Sucre collection is a divine collection of pastels made for Angels who love candy coloured shades. I hazard a guess that it will suit my tanned complexion even better owing to the wet/dry formulation of the shades for greater color intensity.

I am happy to inform that Pastel is back with a bang and it is to my taste.

Ahh beauties.. my sugar fix! Image courtesy of Bourjois.fr

My indulgence in pastel is further driven by the lovely Lisa Eldridge whose new video of pastel interpretation is pretty pretty pretty.

So, now I am off to add to my collection of Bourjois eye shadows and the Light Intense Eyeshadows are going to be my first picks. Maybe another round pot blusher too.. why not?

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