Sunday, 11 March 2012

MS loves: 'no makeup-makeup' for men

A random discovery a while back while I was researching the ideal 'no makeup-makeup' look :) It dawned on me that if men were to wear makeup- then, the 'no makeup-makeup look' is pertinent to them.

I know men wear makeup, and I can tell if a guy is wearing makeup ( done badly ) or if they were subtly enhanced ( done well). It does not bother me at all ( men wearing makeup that is), in fact eye liner on men is quite attractive in some ways.

Fred Farrugia  had created a 'How to' video for men to apply makeup using his makeup modules. The model Johan demonstrated how to have the  'healthy sunburn look ' which I really like on guys. I registered on his website's Espace club to check out how the female and male models demo the makeup application on themselves. Love the music and  the concept of his makeup line.

The other guy who I discovered is Gossmakeup artists's Youtube channel and he demo's the 'no makeup-makeup look' for men (and women) which was exactly what I was after. I am now waiting for Nars Exhibit A ( brick red) and Taj Mahal (burnt orange) blusher to make its way into my stash ( why didn't I get it sooner?).

I also love the look created by Lisa Eldridge , a very pretty day time look when you have a few extra minutes.

The below is my take on Goss's look- excuse the wet hair.. I was in a rush to get out..

There is very minimal product going on here:

Skin: prepped with Tromborg Anti-Aging Glow serum, Eyes- 100% pure coffee bean eye cream

Base: Nars Pure Radiant TM in Annapurna all over + St Moritz as concealer

Blusher: Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Palette Red/brick creme blusher on high points ( cheek bones, temples, nose bridge) buffed in with a brush. I skipped the Bronzer because the TM had added enough warmth to my skin.

Eyes: lashes curled with Shu Uemura curler and lashes tinted with YSL Ecriture Faux Cils Eye liner ( jet black and stays put)

Brows: groomed with Talika Lipocils

Lips: Ellis Faas Lip Glaze in L307 ( for moisturising nude lip stain)

I am sure I could do better with practise but for just under 2 minutes- this was Ideal--

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