Saturday, 24 March 2012

My latest Makeup and skincare buys

I am waiting on a few buys to arrive, and testing out others that have arrived. I promised myself that any online shopping has to tick a few boxes before I press the BUYNOW button.


1. I must not buy something that I can already replicate in my collection
2. skincare- if I am not anywhere close to finish testing what I have now- no buy!
3. Know my weakness- and that is blushers, and another 'black' eye kajal/liner/kohl./shadow that says the 'blackest black, like ever!!!' ( I lose this battle time and again).
4. Is it a product lust or need?
5. would I rather questions- MiuMiu pumps or  cost equivalent makeup/skincare

Anyway- It was like a sinusoidal curve battle of wills and in the end- I bought some instead of all that I had on my lust list !

I am testing now-

So Phyto- Anti Aging Anti-oxidant Serum ( costs around £35 , from CultBeauty). 

5 days into this, I've learnt a few things, one, it works well after skin that is gently exfoliated, sinks in well, slight tacky residue and acidic smell ( well, fruit acids do feature strongly in the ingredients list), and does not work well under my Nars TM due to oxidation! But improves skin hydration level on its own and with a smidge of glycerin on top ( read my glycerin post). No reactions, pores look tighter and radiance wattage level 7/10

Clarins Instant light Blushers- Vitamin Pink, Coral, and Brown Fizz

So far, I have dived into the pink, feels cooling on the cheeks, no pooling, but that's about it so far. I have not done a complete look with any of these yet.

Skin Allison True Concealer in shade 3 and 4

I have experimented with 4 and I am happy thus far, gentle, creamy, non cakey, streaky and morphs into skin leaving skin looked clean and not look concealed. Lasted good 12 hours and through workout ( not sweat proof but resistant). I got 3 In case I wanted  really to work on highlighting face dimensions ( and 3 is decent step up to 4).

I am waiting for these (impatiently):

Ilia Beauty  Lipsticks with Creme blushers and highlighters from Ilia Beauty. Having received contact from Sasha Plavsic ( she sends very sweet and helpful emails), it is imminent ( fingers crossed)

Sleek makeup- I am very late to this boat, I have succumbed to the Blush by 3 palettes (Lace, Pumpkin and Pink Sprint), Original and Storm Eye shadow palettes. Images below courtesy of Sleek Makeup. Ihave been reassured that the pigmentation is stellar and a decent dupe for Nars. I didn't go for the red palette as I am quite enamoured by Nars Exhibit A ( bright true red) and Taj Mahal (Burnished Orange with shimmer)

Blush by 3 -Pumpkin

Blush by 3-Lace

Pink Sprint
Blush by 3  Pink Sprint

That's all for now.. will update as I go along and  post a few before/afters for some the makeup/skin stuff.

By the way, yesterday, I road tested my Giorgio Armani Eyeshadow Designing Quad palette Spring Collection 2011 ( Matte black, silvered grey, bright Turquoise/Aqua, and Bright Purple). I wanted to have the Cavalli Butterfly Eyes ( strong bright greens/purples/sludge browns). I regret not taking a before and after as it stayed from 9 am to 10 pm. The shadows stayed true and did not crease, Armani shadows are very good like that! I bought mine last year from Sephora France.

 Checked today- and the Pixiwoo's have made a video (Cavalli butterfly smokey eyes) and recommended the Original palette for the colours, well result for me caving in!

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