Friday, 2 March 2012

Product spotlight: Laura Mercier Bonne Mine palette

Sometimes the simplicity of a palette calls out to me, the Laura Mercier Bonne Mine (french for Healthy Complexion) did just that. Released back in October 2010 or there about, it received much reviews on Sephora USA website. Originally it was meant to be limited edition, but it has remained on the site still available for purchase.

I have used this palette for 1 year at least and I am yet to hit pan. I have managed to secure back ups ( 4 more) just in case as I have come to adore this palette. The colors are so flattering for most complexions and when used correctly (light hand for light skins, heavier for darker skins), it manages to impart a healthy flush without over powering your skin.

The bronze veil is a copper shimmer for bronze highlighting ( great for summer on the eyes/cheeks/lips) and the pearl veil just gives an innocent radiance to the skin looking like you are well hydrated. The peach veil is the most flattering blush for my skin, the red/brick blusher comes in handy on days when I am looking a tad washed out ( adds blood to the cheeks). The star of this palette has to be the bronzer. It leaves a clean, translucent matte stain with subtle shimmer,non greasy capable of lifting the dimensions of the facial structure without drowning you in mud!

If you manage to get someone from the USA to send you this palette, you will not regret it as it is a gem of a find! A good approximation for the bronzer could be the Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel ( another product I Love). I can buff either bronzer all over the skin lightly on top of my SPF to tone down the white cast and again lift the skin.

Top L-R Bronze veil, Peach veil Bottom L-R Pink/Gold Veil , Brown red veil and Bronzer  matte creme

The bad thing about this palette is that it lacks a dedicated lip color, ideally I would have loved a lilac gloss to go with it, but hey, I can double up on the veils and top it off with a gloss. It is travel friendly, no product melt down in searing heat, and the colors if locked in with loose powder can stay the day easily.

I hope Laura Mercier brings this back to the UK and release another palette like this in the future. She cannot do wrong with a winning formula, the French Bonne Mine is not as elusive as we are led to believe :)


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