Saturday, 3 March 2012

Products feature: Givenchy hydra sparkling lip and cheek balm, Anna Sui Rouge Godet 001

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling balm vs Anna Sui Rouge Godet

The Givenchy lip and cheek balm was first released 2-3 years back in one shade, Rosy glow. Fast forward 2-3 years later, we have now another shade which is in Peach Glow ( the image shows an orange tint though). Lisa Eldridge featured the product in Rosy glow in her latest video. I do enjoy Lisa' s video, she talks her way through her look without it being rushed or forced, punctuated with moments of girliness when she bites on a brush contemplating which eye shadow to use.

Now- here's the thing, the deal with mood balms such as this, they work on the principle that your naked skin has a ph of 5.5 and will interact with the gloss to produce its own natural shade of flush. The reason why some skin gets fuchsia and others get a darker pink depends on your skin tone and what else you have on your skin ( foundation/Tinted moisturiser, primer etc). If you want to know what it will eventually look like on your skin, apply it on naked skin and then try with foundation to see the colour payoff. This saves a lot on disappointment and same-y-ness of color ( a neologism!).

Having said that, I do like the Givenchy balm, I have had it in my kit and used it off and on especially when I am pressed for time. Changes to a reddish pink on cheeks and mauvey pink on lips. The Anna Sui rouge godet in 001 is similar to the Givenchy Balm in formulation and is a good product dupe. The flush i get with the Anna Sui is a deeper pink.

The problem with Anna Sui is it is as rare as hens teeth in the UK. I frequently fly and when I have to change over at Changi Airport in Singapore or KLIA in Malaysia, I raid the Anna Sui counter like there's no tomorrow.

Givenchy Rosy Glow (left), Anna Sui Rouge Jar Rouge Godet (Right)

Swatch: Givenchy (bottom), Anna Sui ( top)
I like them both for their own merits, the balminess factor may not be something everyone likes. I have light scarring on my cheeks with definitely will be magnified with a gloss during day time. However, these products come into their own at night as they impart a lovely dewey flush and sheen. They are products to get creative with, and if you like makeup then this should be in your kit.

I love Anna Sui for her decadent products, the concept is boudoir chic and her product invention is something to be admired for. or occasionally stock the rouge godet, but this is hit and miss. 

Hydra Sparkling Magic Lip & Cheek Balm
Photo courtesy of Peach glow Hydra balm

If you are in the USA- www. carries both colors. In the UK, The Givenchy Balm is out of stock in most places- I will be wanting to get my hands on the peach glow at some point. So if any one get a whiff of stock updates- please let me know. 


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