Monday, 19 March 2012

Promising discovery: Asian makeup brands with an edge'

As much as I love Western makeup brands, I have to admit that the colour selections are not often adaptable or transposable effectively on those with more pigmentation to their skin. I read everywhere from blogs to forums that makeup artists often have to trawl for products outside the brand promo to recreate looks for women of  colour.

Enter Brands like Iman, Beverley Knights range, Fashion Fair for the beautiful black women of the is still only beginning.

Still I am not satisfied and have attempted to search for true Asian brands for Asian skin tones. Having looked and discovered some promising lines, the colour  range often mimic the European palettes therefore cater for those who wish to emulate European makeup diktat as opposed to the shades true to the region.

Asian appetite for Make-Up range is yet to rival their hunger for Skin care. The emphasis has always been on ‘Great skin’ and not ‘good enough skin’ which need to be enhanced with makeup.

Makeup in Asia is only now slowly booming as additions to the dressing table, as it is widely viewed as ‘not natural’ therefore less acceptable. It is in part cultural influence that the idea of auto (self) enhancement is acceptable if it is for your partner’s eyes only. Anyway- this is all changing, thanks to mass media, creative self expression for the younger generation, expectations of looking polished and presentable for professional females, stylish chic for the well heeled of the society, well to do mature woman glamour are all variations of of what makeup can give to Asian women.

Brands that are making waves and have found its way into my makeup bag ( this is by no means exhaustive):

Kate (slogan of No more Rules)- edgy sister of Kanebo- it is the brand where impact of makeup is felt. Can be both subtle and loud so  you choose. Star products are the brow pens/crayons ( a great SUQQU alternative), eyeliners ( liquid and gel ) and Mascara’s. Must stock up as they fly off the shelves.
Check  if you want to to try the brand out.

In2It– makeup introduction for the teenagers, still- colours need some expanding but all in all- worth playing with.There are some innovative gems here and the focus again is liners, brows and mascara's (I see a theme emerging). This brand is from Thailand.

SimplySiti-  A Malaysian makeup brand with own skincare range. I must say I was very impressed with the level of work going into the colour selection. Pigmented eye-shadow quads, blushers for the olive/tan skin tone and lipsticks that rival some European makes. The brand is the brainchild of a Malaysian Singer/celebrity who is renowned for her beautiful skin and expert makeup application. Wife of a Royalty now , but nevertheless, despite still in infancy, it surely made an impact as I made a beeline for the limited edition contouring kit ( stocked in you guessed it, Guardian Pharmacy )

RMK- We all know Rumiko and Rumiko knows makeup and skincare for the Japanese. Definitely, cult brand status and occasional release of Must have products.

Shu Uemura- makeup heritage of this brand is wonderful and it was a sad day when Mr Uemura passed away. The innovative mind behind the brand hopefully may have left a few instructions to his creative team ( I hope so) to continue to wow Makeup and Skincare Aficionados from the beyond. I fantasise a log book of what he would have thought product formulations of the future should be like stashed in a safe somewhere, only 1-2 people has access to.

Majolica Majorca ( my sister loves this range for punchy shades of eye liners and lip liners)- I believe my sister loves anything where she can draw lines with hence eyeliner and lip liners are her thing. I'm not forgetting SK11,  another off shoot of Shiseido. More skincare based but the makeup here again is more for enhancement. The foundations are treatment based which appeals to the local crowd than it just being cosmetic.

Anna Sui (American but still I feel it veers more for the Asian market) – I love you, I really really do- Boudoir chic, edgy colors, works on my Indian/Asian skin, and possibly on every woman in the world, so I implore you- please open up counters in the UK again, please.

Well, this is a long post, I am sure there are lots more where this came from and surely, Asian makeup brands can only grow to have their own identities and celebrate the Asian woman and her glory... after all makeup is makeup, but makeup that celebrates uniqueness gets my vote any day..


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