Monday, 5 March 2012

RMS Beauty : Smile Lip2cheek

What a morning!

I overslept, and had just under 30 minutes to shower, get ready ( by this I mean, brush teeth, shower, identify a black ensemble, pack my gym kit, do my face) and get out. Game plan was on and as the morning meeting was due to take place in t minus 40 minutes. The time was 8.40 am when I set about my face.

I ended up with some what of an epiphany that my obsession with makeup that does triple function was actually for good and not pathological.

RMS beauty is the brainchild of Makeup artist Rose Mary Swift ( cue RMS) or it could be real makeup secrets ( again another version for the acronym). Rose Mary has heritage and renowned for her take of 'your skin but better' look.

The idea behind the range is that most mainstream makeup and skincare contains so much toxins that prolonged used causes build up in the tissue eventually causing various health problems ( ranging from rheumatism to cancer). Now, I am not a subscriber to this story, but I can see the point that what you put on your skin should be safe enough for you to eat. I like this idea, a dark chocolate 'Booja Booja' eye shadow would be a dream come true for me, I can look pretty and if I get hungry, I could eat it at the same time. Yum!!

The range is not cheap, it is made of pure ingredients sans preservatives. Again, as with anything raw and organic, shelf life is poor, I keep my RMS beauty collection in fridge. My fridge keeps some of my most precious skin care stuff you could imagine.  I have all of her make up items, I like the consistency of the cream shadows and the multi functional lip2cheek products. For reference, hr foundation/concealer is called 'un cover up' and I use shades 33 as concealer/matt highlighter and 44 as all over colour. it is very forgiving. if you are NC 42 to NC 50- the new shade 44 might work for you.

Hello Morning Face: 3 minutes or less face

Usual Moisturiser of Rose hip oil + eye cream

Tinted Moisturiser: Life saving Nars Radiant TM in St Moritz and also for  light concealing under the eyes.

Lips and Cheeks: RMS Beauty lip2cheek in Smile ( a moisturising shade of berry/peach). My favourite colour  when I am in a rush. It glides over the skin, conceals mild imperfection if you have any.

Eyes and brows- nothing ( no time you see!)

It wore well over the day, I refreshed the cheeks and lips mid afternoon and it is not greasy. It stayed through out a 1 1/2 hour workout in the gym.

One thing to note, this is not a makeup range for long lasting looks or editorial pieces. I believe if you are happy with how your skin looks bare, then this range will make your day. It is the makeup for women with close to perfect skin. What good is that you ask? Well, 2 things, the less you suffocate your skin with fillers the better it will perform, and your skin is what you wear- be proud of it and enhancing without masking should be an option.

My my - what big eyes you have!

my Iphone did not do this justice! it looks very red here-it is more pinky peachy tbh
 There you have, on my lips which tends to mute any bright colours, it looks like a soft pink. The products are layer-able so if you work it into the skin, it intensifies the shade. Did I tell you it contains Argan Oil as well?

This colour I recommend for any skin tones from the lightest to the darkest- you will love it, I am sure of it.

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