Monday, 19 March 2012

Stop the Shooting Spree in France Now

The People: 'Scooter Shooter'- We know you!

Being appalled is not enough!
Asking yourself what you can do is not enough!
Being aghast and sympathetic is not enough!

I asked myself those questions and the answer is I may be one person, alone I am not much but I am of the People.  
I believe in people and people believe in justice, truth and peace. Not Murder!

I am by no means a person with contacts of thousands and thousands of people. But I do know one thing, the Internet is powerful and everyone who reads my blog or someone else’s Blog, Facebook or Twitter is connected.

We are all connected and therefore we are connected to you ‘Scooter Shooter’!!!
Somewhere in this world, someone who reads this plea knows YOU.
 We will know who YOU are soon enough because he or she will help us stop YOU!!

Those of you who are reading this, pass it on to as many people as possible, spread the message  wide so that anyone who may know something about this shooting can help stop this now. They need to know that they will have friends who care and will support them stopping this madness.

Children are being shot for what reason? Men are being shot for what reason? We cannot sit back and let this go on, today it is France, which country will be next?

We are all connected and we can stop this mindless shooting. Help the French Police to stop this killer or killers!
My sympathies to the family of the dear ones lost, we would like to help you in any which way we can.

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