Monday, 12 March 2012

Why not have a Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus to boot

Confession time.. I am obsessed with having a derriere that defies gravity so much so that Isaac Newton will have to rethink his theory of gravity when he sees mine ( it is an aspiration). It must never go south for as long I shall live.

It is not impossible but it surely is a monumental task.. still not impossible. The ideal work out that generates the maximum impact involves a combination of repetition, resistance and isometric work. Now that is out of the way, I have invested in  resistance bands ( from Bodyism) that fit in my handbag, Yoga Paws for on the go yoga and a yoga belt for stretching. I think this is the secret to long toned limbs, stretching after giving it some grief with plyometrics. Pilates and Yoga is my poison, and so is a viciously moist carrot cake.

I am also a devotee of the Lotte Berk Method and the exercises can be done pretty much anywhere, at the work desk, while driving ( well the butt squeezes at least) or at home. Another good body shaping system is the Bar Method ( not mainstream in the UK) but in the US it is quite well known. Both systems combine yoga and Pilates principles and this is a marriage made in heaven.

Working out with DVD's ( Lotte Berk and Bar Method) is a chore, I kid you not but it is worth the hassle when the results are plain visible. Sometimes, varying the workouts with the gym takes out the monotony. I do spend 1 hour at least doing a mix of the cross trainer, treadmill, rowing and skipping 4 times a week. Having a good sweat is good for the skin so I have been told.

The Bodyism bands help target the troubled spots (mine is the upper thigh and the silly 'muffin top'), it is just so ludicrously silly that a circular band can do the job. Why didn't I think of that?

I trained as a dancer from the age of 4, so maintaining a toned physique that is lean but strong is necessary now that I am 30. Workouts should be fun and at the same time it should give results. Otherwise, why bother?

I cannot say for sure that what I am recommending works for everyone, but eating well, sleeping and enjoying life is part and parcel of having a healthy body too. Exercise does work to burn some stress off and keep you smiling with endorphins. I advocate that whole heartedly. A healthy body healthy mind approach kicks butt any day!


ps: still perfecting the push-up and hoping one day I will crack it.

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