Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Biting the QVC bullet: Mally Beauty Fierce Face in 5 Minutes

Count me scared at the 'Fierce Face' but still, the QVC discovery had me reeling at the '5 Minute  fierce Face ' collection by Mally Beauty and the Face Defender. Sounds like makeup for Transformers but actually very convincing for humans.

Easter bank holiday, studying and home network shopping- very very bad combination. Mally Beauty, oh wow, the woman has some energy- 'It's all good honey's' to 'my loves' to 'Gorgois!!!!!!',hooked me like a trout to a juicy worm.

Anyway, I am liking what I bought. The Face defender, a matte gel to replace all powders was a diamond find. It is very mattifying, and to my mind can over dry, dry skin types. But, I can see a better way of using this, fresh moisturized and spf'ed skin, to take down the shine of products - this would work a treat. I noticed that over an SPF, it picks up on the white cast of a physical block. Over a foundation, it appears to meld with the tone and bring out the cool undertone.

The rest of the Fierce face kit, the shadow and liner are the basic universal shimmer browns, the foundation ( I have not tested yet), the lip shine is a moisturising pink carmine, and lastly the mascara ( supposedly volumising, no clumps mimic the upwards to 1 hour of professional mascare, pigment, mascara combing X6 layering). The piece that I really wanted to try was the Face Defender Blush, and it is @GORGOIS@!!!! ( I can't take myself seriously saying that, but I am not Mally).

The Blush has a kaolin feel to it, similar to Daniel Sandler's Waterblush but less watery. Blends over skin, foundation, or just the Face Defender smoothly without pooling onto scars. The colour, is a warm toned peach  (brownish orange) , quite flattering for an everyday color.

I have not taken pictures of my foray into the kit today. Hopefully I will Instagram my face with the whole kit on soon.

The Muse did a post for the kit here for the USA crowd

Product demo on Mally Beauty's site

My impression so far- I don't think I'll be wearing the range everyday as I feel it is just too chemical rich for my skin, but every now and again, why not. The Set is for an everyday face, nothing too out there, definitely 'try me' worthy for a Mally Beauty Noobie like me.

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