Saturday, 14 April 2012

Embryolisse Artist Secret Complexion Illuminating Veil BB Cream SPF 20


I love Saturdays, get to wake up late, have a telephone conference with my family via Skype, hear their voices, put in a treatment in my hair, practise the 'Pike' on my Swiss ball and not to forget, apply a face mask, and then experiment with makeup.

I went shopping yesterday at MAC in Nottingham, met a lovely MUA ( his name Karl), who was swift and to the point. I was after a contouring kit, which they do not carry anymore, so Karl recommended Wedge ES instead. He said he uses it as contour and will work on my NC42 skin.

Next on my list was Lip Pencils in Stone and Have to Have it ( a peach/ lightbrown/ nude), Mineralise concealer in NW30 ( because Karl recommended it, warm gold with a shot of pink to get rid of any dulling shadows), and my indulgence was 2 small duo fibre skunk 130 Brush, Lipstick in Morange ( bright juicy orange -I wanted this for color correcting) and Mineralise Extra Dimension Highlighter in Whisper of Gilt. Very very happy, but very annoyed because I forgot the Eye Kohl in Power Surge ( my perfect for brown eyes golden haze smoulder). Next time!

In the post, I had the much waited Embryolisse Artist Secret Complexion Illuminating BB Cream SPF20 arrive in my office via CocoBeau ( thanks guys, I love the Big Fat Firm Brush also).

So today, the face I wanted to create is a polished face that should take 20 years off me :) well, not quite cos I'd look like a 10 year old then ( a time when I was experimenting with mum's Helena Rubinstein's Midnight Rose lipstick). I will tell you this story another day.

I wanted to see if I can have a clean skin look with the Embryolisse BB cream without the need of anything else.

Skin: Invisible Zinc Glycolic Acid cleanser ( 5 minute mask treatment and then rinsed), So Phyto AntiOxidant serum patted lightly all over including the eye region. Small amount of Coffee Bean eye Cream.

Base: Embryolisse BB Cream 2 pea size, pressed and rolled onto the skin with finger tips. I even took this around the eyes.

Concealer- the trick for shaving off years ( for me at least), Mac Mineralize Concealer NW30 in the inner and outer corner of the eyes, around the nose, corners of the mouth, under and top of brow bone and for me, below the lower lip. I worked it in using the Real Techniques dome shadow Brush.

Note: as I was working the concealer , I noticed that it didn't drag on the skin, floated over the surface of the BB cream and melded into the skin.Thank you Karl.

Eyes: I just applied MAC ES in Wedge (matt cool grey/brown/with a slight hint of purple), in the crease, the lower lash line and filled the brows in with it too. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara in Black- I love this mascara, lashes feel soft and full with no dropping/smearing.

Cheeks: using my now favourite Brush , MAC 130, Sleek Blush by 3 in Lace, a combination of the middle ( warm red shimmer) with a hit of the bright peach ( matte) just on the apples.

Lips: prepped with Sisleya Balm, lined and filled with MAC lip liner Have to have it, the outlined around it with Stone, filled the lips with Ellis Faas L307.

The finished result is as follows, excuse my wet hair, again just after shower:

Why do I smirk!! 

trying my best again not too smirk

The Blurb for the BB Cream ( courtesy of Cocobeau's site):

Embryolisse skincare expertise and the BB cream revolution come together in this fantastic new product, Artist Secret Complexion Illuminating Veil BB Cream. 

This wonderful formula brings you three products in one: powerful moisturisation,* skin enhancing sheer tinted matte cover, and anti-ageing sun protection. Within each of these three areas, however, this cream offers so much more. 

BB Creams are taking the beauty world by storm, because they combine so much of what we want from skincare, sun protection and foundation in one product. First developed by a German dermatologist to help aid healing and camouflage delicate post-surgery skin, Blemish Balms (to give them their full name!), were then embraced and refined by skin care experts in Japan and Korea. Now, women all over the world have woken up to the wonders of BB creams, and are enjoying the completely different feel, look and effect they offer. 

Now Embryolisse brings you their very own Artist Secret Complexion Illuminating Veil BB Cream: and it has most definitely been worth waiting for. Part skincare, part make-up, Complexion Illuminating Veil BB Cream gives beautiful and natural light cover, whilst moisturising,* nourishing and protecting skin with ingredients proven to be effective. 

The subtly soft illuminating cover derives from clever colour-adapting pigments, which blend perfectly with your skin tone, so one shade suits all. Mattifying mineral powder pearls act to absorb excess sebum and maintain a beautiful satin-matte finish. Whilst your skin’s being given beautiful cover, AHA (Alpha Hydroxy fruit Acids) gently eliminate dead skin cells, brightening and illuminating. 

Hyaluronic acid brings super-effective lasting moisturisation,* and leaves skin beautifully plumped, smooth and silky-soft. 

Anti-ageing protection comes from anti-oxidising Vitamin E and gentle mineral sunscreens and filters (SPF 20), which protect from free radicals, and shield from harming UVA and UVB rays. 

All this in an easy to use long-wearing gel-cream, that’s brilliant as an all over base, or used wherever you need it. The handy tube means it’s ideal for popping in your bag to reach for whenever you need it. 

Not tested on animals 

Great for all skin types 

On first impressions, I like how it is meant to be applied like skincare and the best tools for this are my finger tips. The press and roll action helps meld the product into my skin, no dragging needed. Around the yes, I liked how it doesn't seem to make the eyes look dull, puffy or caked. 

It is early days yet, on its own, I will not wear it as my sole SPF for the skin, more likely above a specific SPF 30. Regarding the skin tone matching, I prefer this skin adaptable tint compared to the ASIAN BB's which are thick, grey and covers like a mask. That is what they are meant to do by the way, it is just not my cup of tea thats all. The Embryolisse BB does not appear to have a strong over tone ( neither pink/yellow/olive), the undertones is a  transparent flesh beige. 

The Embryolisse BB is tone correct, not heavy feeling and very little is needed for light -medium coverage. No annoying smell. I did not need to powder over because there is no shine coming through. Now I have to wait and see if it will oxidize.

I bought mine from CocoBeau in the UK, retails at £28. 


  1. Amazing review! Will you update about the oxidation soon??

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