Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hello Morning Face: Mally Beauty 5 minute Fierce Face

Or not so fierce face..

I tested out the entire kit today:

Ultimate performance liquid foundation in Tan
 Eyeshadow pen in Trailblazing brown
Evercolour eyeliner in Express-O Lane
Volumising Mascara
Liquid Face Defender Blush in Shade Deeper
Evercolor Poreless Face Defender


The foundation was a pleasant surprise for me, applied like butter. I took just one pump, rubbed my hands together and pressed it into the skin, all over, even under the eyes. No itching or pooling, just glides on the skin on top of the SPF without so much as a 'pill'. The pressing action (as per Mally's directions) worked like a charm. The skin felt light minus heaviness (which I was expecting initially). The shade, Tan, is a deceptively dark yellow ochre which appears to adapt to my Olive gold complexion. I am happiest going a shade lighter with my foundation, but this foundation actually sits exactly tone on tone. Mally apparently wears Tan.

The blush, I love, it does work to amp the skin tone, but I wished it was a tad brighter rather than a muted color. The Eyeshadow and pen eyeliner are not my favourites of the kit ( I am not a fan of long wear eye colors as they are a pain to remove). The mascara I can give or take, I am loyal to my Rimmel Lash Accelerator in Black. I didn not get a concealer from the range, and did not use one today, so the brown tones did not do my eyes justice. With browns, it is worth while in my opinion to have a  lighter concealer under the eyes to avoid the dulling effect of brown tones.

The lipstick is again, a so so formulation. Moistuirising but not life or face changing. It was turning purplish pink thanks to my own lip color. I would have preferred a peach pink tbh.

The gold star goes to the Evercolor Poreless Face Defender- where have you been all my life!! I will throw out any face powders including my T Le'Clerc Banane thanks to this baby. It does iron out any fine lines ( I dont have any yet) , pores and pitted scars ( which I do have) thanks to the blurring created by this product. Skin looks matt but with dimensions.

Here's the finished look which took just under 4 minutes, I spent 1 extra minute just looking at my face :), so technically it was a 3 minute face this morning.

is this my Mally Fierce Face?

Closer look

Even closer!
I would say all in all, the skin base and the Poreless Face defender is the star of my QVC buy. The sponge that comes with the Face Defender is excellent for the 'press and roll' action for the mattifier gel.

A quick word on the hard gel texture of the Face Defender- a little goes a very long way. Use the sponge, press on the surface of the compact, the clear gel translates well on the skin and the whole face looks super airbrushed! Also works under the eyes, Mally was right- this does not cause the crusty skin look that we get with powders. On my skin, I was shine free but glow full even after 8 hours and I have neither touched up ( I rarely do at work) nor blotted ( which I do at least twice with a Kleenex).

Thank you Mally..Mmwahh Mmwahh xxx

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