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Ilia Beauty Spring 2012 Lipsticks and Blusher Review

Much awaited and anticipated by me since my initial post for Ilia beauty Spring 2012 Creme blushers and Lipsticks. I am very pleased with my initial impression of the actual products (this matters a lot)is confirmed.

I have been testing some of the lipsticks (new to the line) as I was late to discover the lip conditioners (equally note worthy). The lipsticks that Sasha ( Sasha Plavsic of Ilia Beauty) have created of which 4 of these ( Femme fatale, Wild Child, Neon Angel and Funnel Love) I have now.


The formulation is unique, deep pigmented colours, moisturising, smoothing, plumping and stains the lips evenly with wear time of at least 4-6 hours.

Femme Fatale- beautiful deep burgundy red for that 'Rouge Noir' lip

Wild Child- Red hot red !!! my face felt hot with this color on! Must have color!

Neon Angel- the perfect Fuchsia pink rivaling Nars Schiap or Hourglass Fever ( I love this Color, I want to wear it on its own, bare face and let the slash of color do its own talking)

Funnel of Love- Bardot beige for the pillow lips.

Neon Angel up close-one coat only!!

overall effect- I tried some on the cheeks as well
The cream blushers multi-sticks are again formulation heaven. Creamy but not oily, cheek smoothing and non pooling. Somehow, the blusher skims over the skin and creates a soft focus effect over my imperfections, subtle colour on the cheeks which looks healthy.

Multi stick in All of Me and Polka Dots and Moon Beam Highlighter

The above , I had on NV Perricone Sunkissed in SPF 25 all over, Polka Dots and Moon Beam Highlighter ( cheek bones, brows, bridge of nose and cupids bow) with All Of me on the cheeks and lips.

Top row- L to R: Lipsticks Femme Fatale, Wild Child, Lip conditioner Crimson and Clover, Lip conditioner Bang Bang, Lipstick Funnel of Love and Neon Angel.
Bottom row L to R: Multi Stick All of me, I put a spell on you, cheek to cheek, Highlighter/Bronzer Sway, Highlighter Polka dots and Moon beam and Tenderly
The Multi sticks are cream blushers but can be used on the lips and eyes too. Obviously due to the formulation, I am looking at the multi-purposeness with a pinch of salt. On the cheeks, for oily skin it can work because of what I discovered on the ingredients list- Tapioca Starch. Starch is a film former with oil control properties. Hence, now I understand why I had the soft focus effects over my cheeks.

Colour descriptions for the multi-sticks:

Tenderly- washed pink ( powdery pale), better for pale skins. On my skin, it just about works to knock out my own lip colour as a base for cool toned lipsticks.

I put a spell on you: Tangerine, to my eyes it is a light peach, again made for pale skins if a peachy glow is wanted. On my lips, works as a base colour for a muted beige and as a base for warm toned lipsticks.

All of me- I am loving this colour, a neutral peach/pink/brown/red for the most healthy natural flush on my golden toned skin. This is the most universal shade in the collection I believe.

Sway- a golden/bronze with light light shimmer/sheen to take deepen the tone of your skin. Lovely on eyes/lips/cheeks for a bronze glisten.

Polka Dots- a highlighter ( not cool/not warm) which leaves a radiant subtle sheen for highlighting without looking obvious. I predict this will look amazing on very dark skin too for that buttery look.

Cheek to cheek-the deepest shade in the collection which imparts burnished red tones to any complexion. On me, I have that sun kissed look more so with this stick than Sway.

The lip conditioners are not balm like, but lipsticks with high moisturising properties minus the shine. I purposely went for the pigmented colours, Bang Bang and Crimson as they looked very pretty to me. The wear again is impressive and the lips feel smoothed and hydrated. Bang Bang is a Dita Von Teese red ( sheered blood red, think Ellis Faas L101 but watered down) and Crimson is a true Crimson.

I am wondering if they will tolerate extreme weathers? I feel heat is likely to impact on products with organic ingredients such as oils and waxes, and these are them. I hate to think that these will melt down in the summer, but I feel they just might.

On naked skin days, when I am looking for pinch of color here and there, these will rival the W3LL people Universalists which are pigment rich but truly multi functional.

I feel the strength of Ilia Beauty are in the Lip product category, I want them all and make them pull double duty as the pigmentation is strong and true. I wear them as lip stains and stain they do. I feel very grown up wearing lipsticks, and wearing them as stains make me feel polished without being OTT. It is the kind of stain where I do not need to layer heavy gloss over to make the lips look plush. Lips look pillow(ey) with juicy colour that wear evenly without having to worry about chapping or unsightly lip liner ring effect. 

I feel I need to mention that I got some of the products directly from Ilia Beauty USA. I had been in direct email contact with Customer Service, and received personal assistance from none other than Sasha Plavsic herself. Thank you Sasha for keeping posted all the way with my order.

In the UK, Ilia Beauty is sold by BeingContent and MiseBeauty. Incidentally,  both also stock W3LL People and I love the Universalist sticks.

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