Sunday, 22 April 2012

More French Beauty: By Terry Summer Release Aqua Chic

I received the By Terry Summer release news in my inbox a couple of days ago. The By Terry range of skincare and makeup makes no excuses for the high price tag. I had a By Terry make over from a lovely MUA in Space NK Nottingham to road test some of her products.I enjoyed the lightness of the products on the skin, but I did not feel the need to get everything in her range.

The overall effect of her skincare and makeup seems to be a cumulative effect and impact for the overall look. Product layering apparently is the key with her range. Great if you have the £££'s to spend, but there are some key items that work in concert with items from other brands that  we may already possess.

Just a note, the Brand emphasis is skin care benefits in their makeup items, so the French Bonne Mine ( Good Skin) is motto.

For Summer, the theme is Aqua Chic. I do like the Expert Videos posted on the flagship site. The MUA takes you though step by step in French on how to get the looks ( of which there are 4) from the Summer collection.

Start product is the Aqua Jelly lip tint in Phosphorescent pink. Reminds me of Beaute Cosmetics lip gel stain in Neon ( a phosphorescent pink).

check out  the By Terry Expert Videos for Summer chic here...

if you have some time- check out the Look for Aqua Paradise, it seems universal to me.

There are a few must have's from her range, and they seem a staple in her collection: The Rose de Rose Fluid Blush in all 3 shades. Innocent fresh glow to the complexion ( Pink, Peach or Bronze used all over or on the eyes, lips and cheeks).

Aqua Chic By Terry:

a few tantalizing treats for you and me..

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