Thursday, 26 April 2012

Nars Cosmetics Artistry Session videos

I am sure that cosmetics companies have tuned into to the power of having makeup application videos to demonstrate product use and push their brand of makeup style and artistry to an appreciating crowd. Who better than actual makeup artists demonstrating products on models ( preferably ones that need makeup) to show how a look is achieved.

This seems like a clever way to promote makeup application using the range and the appeal is massive. we love new ideas, the makeup wearing crowd are fickle and difficult to please with the attention span of a gnat ( I am talking about me at least)

NARS has done it with their Artistry Session Videos with Makeup Artist, Jenny Smith ( she is very pretty and I like her look). click here to go to NARS films

MAC has done one too and looks uber edgy and chic. MUA's filmed doing their makeup in odd places, sat on the floor or table top talking to themselves facing a mirror showing they apply makeup on themselves. I like this approach, as they seem more attainable to me.

Just a quick post really, if you have not already stumbled upon this piece of info, I highly recommend having a look.

If I had to choose ( thankfully I would not dream to), I am loving the MAC videos. If NARS can include plainjane public in their vids, then I'll be more receptive. 

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