Monday, 9 April 2012

Renewed love for makeup artistry- Clever Contouring

If I did not go into medicine, I would have either gone into business ( done a business degree and gone into venture capitalism) or gone to an art school to learn about makeup artistry/fashion photography. Now this could be a plan, go to a makeup school someday soon..

That being said, makeup artistry can be learnt on the job by apprenticing and needs a heavy dose of drive, enthusiasm and love for all things that clever makeup can achieve.

It is just so much fun and self esteem boosting to be able to enhance yourself or someone just by a few deft touches with some know how. Simple things makeup can do that makes a big difference;chemotherapy patients who have lost their brows, young girls ravaged by acne, covering melasma or vitiligo patches, or just creating symmetry for that wonky eye. In fact, makeup can disguise sagging facial features so well that you could just about put off cosmetics procedures.

When I am not working, I am playing around with makeup. Makeup became serious for work, and gets laidback and experimental when not at work. The most fun makeup items I have are an eyebrow kit and a contour kit. With these two, I can shape my face to pretty much any look I fancy.

Facial structure relies on light and shadows, and a beautiful face is a symmetrical face. Any face shape ( I don't subscribe to the perfect oval ) can be made perfect just by playing with contouring.

Second to plump and radiant skin, you can do away with most makeup items bar a decent concealer, black mascara, liquid black eyeliner, multipurpose creme blush ( lip cheek variety), a contour kit ,a eyebrow kit ( which can be used as eye shadows as well), nude lip pencil and peach/white eye liner

My new Youtube Crush is a Youtuber named Promise ( Tamang) Phan ( Dope2111) who is just a contouring chameleon. I watched her transform her Asian features to celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift and even male celebrities like Drake and Lil Wayne. A little bit of know how and clever contouring, we can look like anybody, be anybody but best of all be our better selves with some discrete enhancing.

Click here to watch what has got me watching in awe:

Some of my favourite contouring kits:

My old Prescriptives Eyebrow kit in Dark ( no longer available in the UK)

MUFE contouring kit in 01 , 02 and 03 ( I have all 3 because I change foundation tones to suit the look)

Anna Sui Eyebrow kit compact 1, 2 and 3 ( to change the shade of my brows)

Sleek contouring kit in 02 an 03

It was just so much fun watching her transform using makeup that is inexpensive. That age old saying, it is the artist and not the tools that make the painting..

I am inspired to do my own between work, research , writing a thesis, planning a sabbatical and maybe squeeze in a photography exhibition.. why the hell not! Makeup is just so much fun..

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