Saturday, 14 April 2012

Upstairs Downstairs

Where have I been Saturday mornings? Switch on BBC3 and, the most intense scene of the lady breaking up with her lover, so dramatic, so OTT and I like it!  I really like period costume dramas, especially English ones. Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austen, Agatha Christie and now this. I much prefer the 1970's productions, it is more endearing to me than modern noughties remakes.

these guys form the Downstairs mafia -1970's

I watched her break up with this lover of hers and it was filled with dramatic turns and 'oh's' .

She looked like she was breaking up with a Donald Trump look-a like-

just for kicks- obviously not him, but he did look a lot like him. 

I do have a small crush on him:

it is the big big eyes, the side part is very dapper! who are you?
I 'd like to know more and maybe watch the 1970's version, I like characters who are strong and intense, and these guys are it!!

Whats is more, the morality code and the principles they adhered to, the stigma and taboos , code of conducts by ladies and gentlemen, it is fascinating to see the psychology and 'strokes' between the characters  depicted with such direction mastery. 

My guess, the Butler did it!!

Gordon Jackson

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