Thursday, 31 May 2012

Chanel Makeup Wish List

I am having a Chanel makeup revival.
I use to love collecting Chanel, in fact- I have most of the Limited editions that I have loved and kept pristine.

2 items I love the most- The Coromandel de Chanel and Les Goaches palettes.. just beautiful- aesthetic but just not quite functional.

lately- the releases are- dare I say- pretty and usable.. now, there are going to palettes like the Byzantine that is just extravagant. buy at your peril- use it at your peril but as a collectors item - it is for admiration and not for use..

anyway- the Chanel permanent line is what I am liking- as the lineup is a vast improvement- it is no longer just for the older crowd-- it is for the young and chic crowd that Loves the Parisiene Chic look with a French Doyenne heritage..the crowd that  I willingly belong to,, Frou Frou and proud of it..

I loved my old glossimers and the long lasting lip stain glosses that was released some 6 years ago. Bring them back please.. I loved them all and want them all again..

Things I want now:

Concealer: Chanel Correcteur Perfection- 3 shades- I believe everyone should have - beige rose ( corrector for dark circles), beige ivoire for subtle matt highlighting and  1 concealer for skin tone - mine is beige golden
The formulation is spot on for me- set with the loose powder- they are gorgeous.

Joues Contrast- Espiegle  ( light peach ) but really draws out the warmth in most skin tones- I want one to use everyday.

Loose Powder- The powders are spun so lightly that my skin feels plush with it on. I am not a fan loose powders or powders in general, but these make my skin look matt and dewy at the same time. My faves are Dore and Peche ( I want Peche as it is new and makes sallow/olive skin look gorgeously radiant.)

Glossimers- I have loved the shade Blizzard for a while- naturally when they discontinued it- I was annoyed. Now, they have brought it back along with a few new releases. These are nothing like the old dense formula's, which I am very disappointed with. If i can get to my makeup storage someday- i will fish out my old sealed glosses to prove that the old formula was beautiful long lasting. Bring back the old colours and formula- mine is Blizzard and Frisson.

Eyeshadows- the latest in the line up that I must have are the illusion d'ombre shadows. after having Illusoire for a while, i happy with the formula, texture and longevity of the shade. there are only 6 and they are enough for a variety of shades- used on top of the Urban Decay Primer potion, they are set until the cows come home- I want- Ebloui (red/mahogany), Epatatant  ( green patina), Emerveille ( Beige pink base), Mirifique ( shimmer black shot with silver) .

Hair mist- The Chanel no5 hair mist is a great travel companion- I have long swishy black hair, that loves scents. Light mist and instant glamour for hair :)

Chanel skincare- not much to my liking- more fragrance than effect- I am sure someday they will buck up and figure that performance products means products that work- not just cosmetic and fragrance..

These are one of the few on my lists.. i love most of the Chanel Bronzer palettes and Quadra Eyeshadows.. not quite obsession status but getting there..

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