Sunday, 13 May 2012

EOTD: Blue Gradation Smokey Eye

Sunday play around:

I have been having a makeup play around today. I was casually browsing Bourjois's website and chanced upon the page with bloggers putting up pics of looks they created using Bourjois makeup. I confess I love Bourjois makeup, it is fun, flirty and experimental. I thought why not I experiment today, no one is going to see me :) I get to play play play and show you guys what I did. 

Ever woke up in the morning, fresh faced and thought, I know!!! I am going to play make up and see what I can do!! I used to do this all the time in my teenage years, looks like it is making a comeback!! 

Well- please excuse the hair- I threw it up in  a messy Ballerina bun.

The face below- I dub it as Bleu (sp in French) Explosive. The focus is on the eyes really. I just wanted to use pencils and pulled out all the blue pencils I had to create a look. 

I sketched a rough circle, filled it in as a base on the the eyes with a petrol blue ( don't you just love that name for a colour?)- I used Bourjois Khol and Contour in Bleu Virtuose ( blue with slight green drag to it). A good dupe is the Eyeko Fat Pencil in Blue ( similar colour). I wear my liners low around the eyes ( if i want a smoke effect), I accentuate the dip just below the pupil and lift it at the corners ( created a doe eyes effect) at least on me. 

Then I blended it out to soften the dense pencil texture, added YSL Dessin Du Regard in no 9 ( ice green blue) in the inner corner, pulled higher around the eye up into the crease in a semi circle. 

Then, I took YSL Dessin du regard in shade 3 ( true navy) and did the same for the outer corner of the eye. There was nothing precise as I was going to blend where both colours met around the eye and the middle to make it all look blended in.

To finish- Bourjois Light Concentrate in 03 ( ice blue) in the corners , centre of  mobile eye lid ( on top of pupil) to keep it light and smidgen on the brow bone. Waterline- Korres Eye pencil in Blue and lashes- Rimmel Lash accelerator mascara in black. 

Brows- just brushed in place- nothing in it.

Lips- I hope you like the neutral finish- Base- Lancome lip pencil 210 Brun Cedre, light Layer of Dior Lip Glow and then finished with Lancome Rouge in Love in 106- Jolis Matin ( a good peach nude without pink).

I had light dusting of Bourjois Poudre Delice Bronzing powder ( i think in 53- the darker one one of the 2), it smells lovely and looks like a chocolate bar- to warm the face to stop it looking too cool. 

You can see my skin is not perfect- but a little foundation will cover that for the full face look. 

In day light- 

close up of the blue's- love YSL's eye pencils- vivid shades 

an alternative- without blue :)

well- will you have a sunday play around-? I thoroughly recommend it- it makes a change to clean palette colours like the alternative look above. Although have to say- I like the lips and the colour makes the teeth look super white :)

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