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Mally Beauty : The Mally Roncal Effect

Mally Roncal Effect on me at least is that:

I have been interested in Mally Beauty for a while, but never quite bit the bullet fully owing to my fear of the QVC effect. It is all too easy to just buy up stuff there after being seduced with the money back guarantee. But lets be honest, how many of us would go through the whole returns process despite the 'NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED -FOR-RETURNS' business. Pure laziness I tell you! I digress here.

I like watching her shows where she demo's her range.. because she parts with beauty/ makeup secrets that always makes  me go 'A-ha!! So that is how you do that!'.No doubt Mally has a 'Look' and that look is the Bombshell Beauty ie in her words a very Fierce-MAMA-Face.

2 products in her range that really caught my make-up interest, Shimmer -Shape-Glow palette and the Belieavable Bronzer palette. I am all about the face, skin and structure and anything that aims to draw symmetry and bring a glow. So these palettes are 1- a clever combination of colours to create the illusion of perfect bone structure ( synonymous with being attractive and genetically superior) and 2- the glow that comes from a natural tan down to the 'burn effect'.

Shimmer-shape-glow ( SSG):

A palette housing three powders used in that order of the title.

A matching shimmer (light, imperceptible but imparts a finish that's ka-pow), Shape ( a contour shade- a transparent taupe/gray powder) and finally the Glow- a transparent blusher.

The each powder is meant to be used together - on their own none of them work well reportedly, together- the effect is stunning. Perfect for a simple Sunday face or for a full-on look. As subtle or as dramatic as you want- it works.
courtesy of Mally Beauty- ignore the powder thing- my focus  is the palette

I just wanted to draw your attention to the palette, and perhaps you can work out your trio from other brands following these as a guide. Mally Beauty has 5 palettes of the SSG available in USA, sadly in the UK, QVC does not carry it or just not stocking- I don't know- but I am very disappointed of it. 

I would like the Pink is Deeper and Peach Medium, the palettes works better if we have the skin tone correct palette but I always like an option  pink and peach look. Here's a video for what I am talking about:

Believable Bronzer Palettes: 

Sigh, another palette that I wish was available in the UK. A trio pallet housing a matte bronzer, golden shimmer powder and that  matte transparent 'burn'powder. I want this palette because of that very pretty 'burn effect'. It was this palette that got me believing that Mally knows skin and she has an eye for what looks good. I have been searching for that 'burn effect' because i think it is so beautiful on any skin tone. When I see it I think, great holiday!! I avoid the sun and SPF up- so the burn is never going to happen for me. But faking one - why not If I have the right tools!

This is another palette I must have in my arsenal for that 'no make-up makeup sun kissed or burnt ' look that I crave.
She has 2 palettes- if you are in my skin tone ( beige with honey/olive tones) both palettes can be used. 1 for summer and the other for all year round.

courtesy of Mally Beauty-Sexy Golden Tan

Glowing Golden Bronze 

It is the 'burn colour' that I think is genius. Burns are reddish/pink when you have been baking for a while. Layered on top of the importantly MATTE bronzer it is the perfect sun-burn look that is amazing!!!

Again, so sad that we can't get this in the UK, QVC not stocking- why, I don't know- very silly because these palettes to me are the business!!! US girls- enjoy it to the max and keep stock, maybe help us UK sisters to get our mitts on this palette since Mally Beauty don't ship internationally!!!

Here's a video with Mally demonstrating the palette as though she is chatting with a mate over cream tea, I love the ease of how she does this!!

Anyway- in the effort of finding dupes, I have found for us UK'ites these:

To recreate a universal SSG- Kevyn Aucoin's Celestial Highlight Powder, Kevyn Aucoin's Sculpting powder in Medium and for the Glow- a transparent matte Peach or Pink Blush ( to suit your skin tone)

To recreate a universal Believable Bronze palette- Guerlain TerraCotta Bronze All seasons  (Blonde- fair skin or Brunette- I believe this is Universal), Too faced 's Powdered Sun ( for the glow) and the 'Burn' powder- for medium deep to dark skin- Kevyn Aucoin's Matte Powder Blusher in Myracle ( transparent matte fuschia) or for lighter skin- Bobbi Brown powder blusher in Pale Pink. Important that the Blusher and Bronzer are matte otherwise- the effect is lost. We never tan shimmery- shimmer goes where we want it- the highpoints and mke it golden!

These are my suggestions- I accept Kevin Aucoin is not cheap- but neither is International shipping plus tax. Plus these products are interchangeable, pigmented and with a light hand- will last a long long while.

Sorry Mally, needs must I am afraid, unless you can hammer some sense into the brains behind QVC that these palettes are crux to your line and we'd like them asap ( at least I do).

Mally Beauty is not expensive in the grand scale of things, plus some items come in kits with brushes etc- so why not give it a go. the worse that can happen is that you will like the effect and be addicted to the 'GLOW', but hey - it is good for you to look good!!

The concept is perfect so far  for having 2  trio palette just for my needs :) I just want them over here..

Tell me what you think - share with me your secret ingredient for 'that burn' effect when you tan ( fake of course)..

MS xxx


' I am not affiliated with Mally Beauty in any way shape or form. I admire her work and creative concepts for putting together colors and makeup that works synergistically. Hence, my dupe's list for the palettes!'

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