Friday, 29 June 2012

Online Shopping Anticipation-Depression-Excitation Syndrome

Confessions of a shopping enthusiast..

The title sounds dramatic no..? I felt  compelled to share these thoughts and experiences with you today as I was ruminating on it. Have I not better things to do? Yes, penning this down is that thing.

Shopping experience nowadays have many faces. No longer are we bound to go personally to shop in an establishment when we can browse online within the comforts of our home and click to buy. All is needed is a healthy working bank card or Paypal.

Cosmetics and textiles inclusive- online vs 1:1 in a shop- delayed gratification vs- instant gratification respectively.

I believe that online shoppers have a delayed gratification mechanism wired within.

I have noticed that cosmetic shopping is for the insatiable quest of 'that perfect skin' or 'that perfect face'. I confess I like to online shop, more so, it is the obsessive researching/ ruminating that took place before I click to buy that seems to drive me. Then the wait for my purchase to arrive. The Anxiety/Anticipation is an adrenaline infused process.. not withstanding the parting of hard earned money which also causes a morass of dilemmas ( should I -shouldn't I guilt ).

There is more to it than just the above by the way. I don't want to bore you with the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder cycle- but the below is what I experienced ( sigh) ..

Next, the receiving ,opening and testing. Receiving the order causes a momentous relief with an immediate Depressed feeling that the adrenaline of anticipation has gone.  Then the Excitation of seeing  if what I bought will give me the anticipated effect? If it did, then a pat on the back for all the hard going research of blogs/reviews etc. If it was a disappointment, then the loop restarts with a new quest, to justify the funds lost in a 'bad buy'.

Cosmetics shopping is akin to gambling- pot luck and chance is the name of the game. Hit or miss!
Psychologists call this an intermittent positive reinforcement conditioning, which is the hardest behavior to break like the mother of all addiction- gambling!

Every 1 good buy ( reward) is backed up by many failures (punishment- loss of money). My failures have not stopped me yet! I wonder what will?

Do I suffer from Online Shopping Anticipation-Depression-Excitation Syndrome ( OSADES) or better yet, H(O)W SAD I(E)S  U ? I think I must do judging by my recent spree..

Tell me what you think..:)

MS xoxo

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