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AW 2012/13 makeup trend: Chic Mauve tones

I have a feeling that Mauve would be the focus for Autumn/Winter 12/13. I know , I know I know, summer has barely begun nor has it passed.. why fast forward to Autumn/Fall or Winter?

 It would seem by looking forward , this stops us from looking back..but in fashion and makeup,, past inspirations come back to haunt us in many ways. How? Technology and textures my dears..

Let me explain.. have you noticed that the 'Smokey-Eye look' or 'The Red Lip' remains a perennial fave along with the 'Nude skin Look'? Why.. because these are the looks that maintain  either the Femme -fatale or ' I am still young and can pull of a naked-face' looks respectively. We like this and want this every day of the year.. so by default these stay PERENNIALLY in bloom in our makeup mag's.

Next, in between, we throw in flavour of the season to keep the makeup-world buzzing. I read somewhere that the god's of color trends sit  around the round-table somewhere in the world's Fashion HQ ( I'd like this to be Paris,France, but my guess it could be in an Ice Hotel in Reykjavik)and collectively decree color trends for that season. This year, Pantone et al made Orange the tone du jour on every single body's eyes, lips, cheeks, nails, body perhaps even hair. I wore Morange Lipstick by Mac for 2 days :) The trick.. it is the texture and technology that goes behind making the Orange shade work for the Modernists! Gels, air spun mousse, demi-matte, creme gloss or gossamer powders; these are textures with technology behind them to create a modern finish..

So for me.. in the good sense of Coco Chanel who said 'Fashion comes and goes, but style remains'.. I want for me, the Autumn/winter to be about Mauve. Not just any mauve.. the shade of mauve that swiped on warm tanned cheeks; and  will make me look healthy, flushed, grown up chic but radiant. I want to extend my summer glow and make that my focus.

Mauve's are tricky colors for the face. The right tone can make you look instantly younger and the wrong one ages you. so go for textures that are skin appropriate that complements your skin tone.

I like Mauve swiped over  a Matte Bronzer on the cheeks :) So pretty and naturally amps the gold/warmth in the skin.

Pale skins- opt for  pale pink lavender mauve's; try Well People Purist Blusher in shade 65, or Clinique Blushing Blush in Iced Lotus.

Medium- dark skin tones- lavender mauve's with a hint of warmth ( not fucshia pink or red based)-Clinique Blushing Powder in Smoldering Plum ( I love this Blusher!) or Iced Lotus were the closests ( but not quite perfect) to my ideal shade of lavender mauve.

Dark skins- opt for mauve's with hint or pink/red to enrich your skin.- something like Mac's Desert Rose  or Clinique Blushing Plum also would work beautifully for you. I am jealous of you guys !!!

Avoid brown based or overtly glittery/shimmery Mauve's as this would be wrong wrong wrong!!!! The key is a subtle chic grown up glow with mauve's.

My product lemming for this season:

Claudio Riaz's Instant Face Palettes that housed 5 shades of powders ( 2 luminizing powders, 1 blush, 2 matte powder enhancers) to enhance skin tone.. and if you check the middle color closely.. a specific shade of mauve for each skin tone!!! The mauve in palette 3 is spot on for what I am after.

Instant Face Palette 2
Image courtesy of Claudio Instant Face Palette in 2- medium

Instant Face Palette 3
Instant Face Palette 3 for tanned skin tones

Instant Face Palettes
Instant Face palette 1 - for fair-light skin tones.

Claudio Riaz is not cheap, so it would be better to have a try in person before buying. The palette's retail at $128 in the States and can be internationally shipped from Barneys.I assume each shade can be used individually as well as together.. why not- you bought it.. you can do what you like with it!!

If you did happen to have this palette.. do tell me how it performs? do you like it? do you hate it?

For those who are of the school of Perennial Great skin look.. then.. try a shade of  Mauve for Autumn/Winter..

MS xoxo

As always.. I like hearing from you and your comments.. share what you think x

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