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Clinique Super Balanced SPF 15 powder review

I was shopping in House Fraser looking for a lilac eye shadow at the Clinique counter. The Cliniquette ( my name for the Clinique Aesthetician :) took one look at me and asked..' Would you like me to brighten up your face?' I said.. of course but with what?

She poofed her powder brush in this powder and swooshed it all over my face, et voila- instant bright luminous skin.

I am not a fan of powders in general but this swayed me - along with my prompt purchase of the eye shadow duo in Blueberry Frost ( lovely), 2 blushing powders in Blushing Plum and Iced lotus, I picked up the Super Balance Powder in shade 5.

I have been using the powder consistently for the last 2 weeks as a finisher all over, allow to settle and spritz of Evian to set my makeup ( before mascara).

The finish lasts and lasts and lasts even through a rigorous Bar Method workout. Not bad!

No clogged pores or bumps forming with consistent use. I believe this powder may have a tendency to block pores if not thoroughly cleansed. I have normal-combination skin and oilies are not a problem. If you have dry skin, this might be ok provided you spritz with Evian or what ever setting spray you may have.

I am NC 40, can pull off Nars Tinted Moisturiser in St Moritz or Bobbi Brown Honey. I dislike dark tinted powders and prefer something a shade lighter that my skin, but this powder sets well tone on tone. If you have a warm undertone or honey base to your skin- shade 5 may just lift it up a notch to add that luminescence.Best yet- I have not noticed oxidation or my face turning muddy or grubby.

I have a very light hand with powders- a floof of this on with a large powder brush, all is blended well including my new crush, Iced Lotus Blush. I really like the grating mechanism- no wastage. The powder molecule itself appears large and not as finely milled.. but on application it seems to glide over skin and marry into the surface. It may be the silica and lauroyl lysine in the powder that does this. Chanel Loose powders have lauroyl lysine in it too if you check the ingredients list.

Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF 15
Super Balanced Powder

These helpful color tips came courtesy of the Clinique site:

"Twice as smart: Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF 15 + Superbalanced Makeup.
Each powder shade has a corresponding match in the liquid formula. Find yours now.

Natural 1 works well with Superbalanced Makeup shades 01-Petal, 27-Alabaster, and 32-Breeze
Natural 2 works well with Superbalanced Makeup shades 02-Fair, 03-Ivory, 04-Cream Chamois, 28-Light
Natural 3 works well with Superbalanced Makeup shade 05-Vanilla
Natural 4 works well with Superbalanced Makeup shades 06-Linen, 07-Neutral, 34-Nude Beige
Natural 5 works well with Superbalanced Makeup shades 08-Porcelain beige and 11-Sunny
Natural 6 works well with Superbalanced Makeup shades 09-Sand, 10-Warmer, and 12-Honeyed Beige
Natural 7 works well with Superbalanced Makeup shades 14-Wheat and 35-Honeycomb
Natural 8 works well with Superbalanced Makeup shades 15-Golden and 17-Amber"

I am not a Clinique foundation user so I cannot 100% attest to the colour correspondence. I would advise going to the counter and picking out your shade personally. Being Asian Indian, I prefer a lighter powder shade and the Cliniquette was a Asian Indian herself ( THIS HELPS A LOT).

For a polished work face- this does me proud.. the SPF 15 is a bonus on top of ThisWorks SPF 30 tinted Moisturiser.

it was fun to experiment and this is a hit for me!

MS xoxo

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