Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Saem Mool Jung: Korea's Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

The secret weapon of the Stars, or is she really  Korea's secret WMD?

Whoever she may be, she has my attention and here is why.

Jung in Action- 

Jung Saem Mool: Makeup Artist of the Stars

Magician? Visionary? Artist? Inspirational?

All of the above and a bona fide Guru. I do not use the word Guru lightly, having heard so many silly wannabe's on Youtube calling themselves 'Guru's', Jung is the real McCoy and worth taking notes from. My dream would be to spend some time in her academy and learn from her, 

Having stumbled on one of her 230 videos on YouTube, she has a distinctive makeup style,  making Natural  the new Made-Up look. The Korean image of beauty : 'Face like water' is the term I am accustomed to hearing growing up in an Eastern culture. Now, even though I sprachen no Korean, the language of makeup application is universal, I believe. We learn by watching and watching Jung is captivating.

'Face like water', is a : saying describing a. Eastern woman's  beauty which lies in a complexion that is milky calm and clear with rosebud lips, crystal watery eyes and firm cheek apples,  b: Gazing upon her face should induce the sense of peace and calm, like being gently rocked by ocean waves. Quite the opposite of the Western image of beauty: angular facial structure, sultry eyes with collagen lips where the focus is sblatant sex appeal. Nothing wrong with that, it is a look after all.

Jung's Makeup line is unique, has a strange name but what does that matter; MULE which stands for Make Your Own Rule. Every item in her range is unique, and I imagine she has made a line to suit her ideals on what items she wants in her arsenal.

Her technique is subtle, her finish is impeccably fresh. I see some similarities in her approach to makeup with my other favourite Artist, Katarina Hakansson of Hakannson Skin. Katarina is Swedish and her approach to makeup is minimalistic, fresh with maximum impact.

The emphasis  is creating the perfect canvas, not bare but subtle enhancement which looks amazing. Admittedly, all her models are Korean, and I do not know if her colour palette works for European, Mediterranean or Indian Asian skin tones.

She has been touted as Korea's Bobbi Brown, I believe Jung is unique and her own style is true to her heritage and culture. Jung herself is diminutive, affable and captures her best presentation with the deftest of touch.

Her tutorials can be adapted to any skin tones or race because it is focused on subtle enhancing. Having said that, I am keen to get my hands on her Season 1 and Season 2 sets.

Many faces of Jung:

Jung- Businesswoman 

This is Jung Saem Mool- pensive 

Mule Season 2 collection

                                          Mule Makeup review by Roseddalki

I'd like to support Rose in her aspirations of being a Shopper and Reviewer, plus i like the way she speaks; no nonsense approach :)

Jung Saem Mool  is fast becoming my  favourite MUA that I did not know existed until yesterday!

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