Thursday, 5 July 2012

New Makeup Alert! Lancome Blush Subtil Palette

Well I never! The trio trend is building momentum and count me excited.
Lancome have released 6 palettes of blush trio for contouring, highlighting and blushing rolled up in one palette. There is also a gorgeous dual ended placement head ( highlighter)and angled blush brush for Blush/Contour.

6 palettes!!! Trio trend started by the "GORGOIS"  Mally Roncal 2 years ago and is now in full swing in mainstream brands. Mally, imitation is a form of flattery.. not quite your palette as you are the original!

Where did I spot this? Sephora USA and a sneaky peak into  USA flagship site.

Anyway- the palette houses 3 shades- a matte (tan) contour shade, a shimmery blusher and corresponding sheen highlighter. The formulation is a hybrid powder creme texture guaranteed to last for at least 8 hours.

The palettes divided into 2 categories:pink- berries vc red- corals

These are the shades:

Images are courtesy of Lancome USA ( they are the only retailers plus sephora USA) so far

The corals-

nectar lace



The pinks:
rose flush

Framboise Flirt

Plum elegance

The dual ended brush to go with the palette:
Cheek & Contour Brush #25
Cheek and contour brush no 25

Currently only available Stateside.. cannot wait for these palettes to make their way over here to the UK. The palette looks beautiful, but will it perform without shimmer over haul? I hope it will but until I see it in person- I will yearn for these palettes- have my eye on all 6 palettes - one for day, one for night, one for black tie, one for lazy sunday coffee with the girls, one for a summer stroll   and one for the beach.. can you see me planning already?  they seem like palettes for the lazy girl- and I am that girl.

Who among us who do not want a sculpted glow say I? I say nay.

MS xoxo

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