Friday, 13 July 2012

Tanaka Face Massage: Zogan way

A late comer for me but better now than never. I have been battling the dreaded eye puffiness with a vengeance and slowly arrived at a realisation: 'less is more'.

I am compiling all the information I have discovered so far here so you can have it all in one page.

No amounts of cream or potions can do the job if the underlying structures are slack. After many days of researching, I am giving the Yukuko Tanaka Massage a resolute chance.

On Youtube- I found these 4 videos wonderfully translated by EpicBeautyGuide. I found the whole routine mesmerising and very relaxing. Getting the right touch was the most difficult part. Second, finding the right massage medium: I chose to use oil ( Almond with Argan Oil)  to have some slip without being too slippery. Dense cremes ( Like the Suqqu Musculate Massage and Mask creme) are better so the pads of your fingers don't slip from the critical points.

part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Zogan for the body: It is in Japanese but easy to follow

                                                     Suqqu Gankin Massage

Suqqu Gankin Massage DIY sheet: Gankin

I was made aware that Yuko Tanaka worked with Suqqu to create the skincare and makeup line before she went on to set up the Y-Method. She has 4 dvd's out in Japan which I would love to get my hands on. Her method appears simple and sensible. She talks about maintaining structural integrity to the face by addressing the attachment of the muscles to the facial bone, improving lympathic drainage, and my favourite topic, FACIAL SYMMETRY.

 Unfortunately, these DVD's and books are not available for shipping overseas. So my Japanese readers, you are in a fortunate position to get your mitts on them and massage away to a refined facial structure. Maybe you could educate us abroad on the secrets Yuko Tanaka divulges in her books.

Katia's Introduction to Zogan Massage: A helpful page on all things Zogan in English

Also: you can follow blogger Dempeaux's promising changes with facial massage here. Dempeaux combines an amped skincare routine ( from home made skincare) with Tanaka massage and Flexeffect.

My comments are reserved for the Tanaka Massage only: I am enjoying the lympathic drainage aspect of this massage. So far I have not been burdened with breakouts ( maybe I am not as blocked as I think I am). The change that I have noticed so far on me are my eyes, they are a lot brighter , the sclerae ( whites of the eyes) are a lot clearer and the unsightly under eye swelling ( I noticed this under my right eye) is about 70% reduced. I am keeping a 'close eye' on my eyes :)  

On that note: I am introducing a new product for your collection; I am temporarily relinquishing my 100%pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream ( heavy for summer) and switched to a lighter formulation : Bakel Cool Eyes. 

The delivery mechanism is perfect, a large ( I mean large) click pen with a roller ball end to smooth the light gel around the eyes. Contains 7 ingredients only and no alcohol , parabens, fillers to ruin it for me. The formulation is just right , dehydration lines are out and not over loading the eye area. The roller ball is cool and gentle on the skin, and no product over flow mess ( like Garnier eye roll on- waste!).

MS xoxo

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